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    The erstwhile Sahyadri College was established in 1940 with 105 students and nine faculty members as an intermediate college. In 1956 - 57 the college was upgraded into the First Grade College with the introduction of B.A. and B.Sc. programmes. The strength of the college increased by leaps and bounds at regular intervals. Therefore it became necessary to bifurcate the erstwhile Sahyadri College into Sahyadri Arts College and Sahyadri Science College in August 1984. B.Com. programme was also introduced in the year 1990.

As a consequence of bifurcation of the college, the college has lost the recognition of UGC on the ground that the prior permission of the UGC was not obtained before the bifurcation of the college. Hence, the college applied once again for a fresh recognition and the same was granted vide UGC letter No. F.8-1/94/ (CPP-I) dated 28-12-1994 2[f] and 12 [B]. However, the bifurcation of the college does not amount to an establishment of a new college. The fresh recognition of the UGC also does not alter the date of establishment of the college.

With a view to develop Sahyadri Arts and Sahyadri Science College as model colleges, the University requested the Government of Karnataka to transfer these colleges to University in 1991. Accordingly, the Government transferred these colleges to University in 1992.
Once it became a constituent college of Kuvempu University, the college has taken steps to introduce various innovative subjects during the academic year 1993-94. They are Education, Journalism, Linguistics, Library Science and Public Administration. B.B.M. (2000-01), Archaeology & Museology (2001-02), B.S.W. (2005-06), Physical Education (2006-07), Psychology (2011-12, M.B.A. (2007-08), M.A. in Economics (2008-09), Political Science (2009-10), Commerce (2009-10), M.A. in English (2011-12) programmes and Certificate Courses in Communicative English, Certificate Course in Applied Translation Studies (2012-13), Diploma Course in BPO (2012-13).

Our college caters to the needs of both rural and urban students. Majority of our students come from rural areas. The college has 2482 (UG) and 77 (PG) students, 121 faculty members and 21 administrative staff. Top priority is given to achieve and ensure academic excellence, professional skills and life skills. To fulfil these priorities we have adequate infrastructural facilities. The institution is located on a sprawling campus of 79.1 acres of land.

We feel proud to state that this college has been awarded SADHANA PURASKARA for its outstanding overall performance for the academic year 2007-08 among 162 colleges under the jurisdiction of Kuvempu University. It is a pleasure to mention that the former Principal of this college Prof. B. Jayadevappa has been awarded SADANA PURASKARA for his outstanding contribution to institutional administration for the academic year 2007-08.

The NAAC Peer Team which visited the College on July 18th – 20th, 2008 for Re-accreditation under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ramaiah has given A-Grade Status for the College. Sahyadri Arts College is the first college to be accredited with A-Grade status in Kuvempu University Jurisdiction. It is one among the six colleges in Karnataka State accredited with A-Grade Status. We are also pleased to mention here that Sahyadri Arts College is recognized as “College with Potential for Excellence” status in the year 2010. It is one among the 146 colleges in India recognized as “College with Potential for Excellence”.

The college is planning to start various innovative Certificate / Diploma Courses / Programmes in every department of this college viz., English Language Teaching, Language and Gender Studies, Fashion Design, Gender and Media Studies, Human Right and Tourism, etc. Apart from this, this college is also planning to implement the following future plans in the next three years:

  Introducing Anthropology, Criminology, and HRM at UG level.
  Introducing new P.G. courses like Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, HRM, Linguistics,
    History and Kannada.
  Establishment of Research Centre for Language and Culture Studies.
  Conducting National / International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums etc.
  Coaching Classes for competitive examinations viz., IAS, IFS, IPS and KAS.
  Automation of library housekeeping operations.
  Developing digital library system.
  Construction of separate P.G. Block for Humanities and Management, Quarters for Teachers and
    Administrative Staff, Guest House and Multi Purpose Complex.
  Health Care Centre.
  Cooperative Society.
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