Considering the academic records, economically backward students will be given student scholarships. Also the following cash/ Scholarship benefits are available.


  Educational loan by the Govt of India  
  For physically Challenged.
  For the children of freedom fighters
  For the scheduled caste/ tribe students
  For the backward communities
  University Endowment Scholarships
  For the Kannada opt. Students
  For the students studying Urdu
  By the Kannada-Culture Dept.
  For sports persons.
  For the Students studying Hindi
  For the children of Ex service men
  By the Social welfare Dept.
  For the meritorious students by the Central Govt.
  For children whose parents die, while in govt. Service.
Sl. No
Departments/ Organization
01 Taluk Social Welfare Office, Shivamogga SC/ST
Dept. of Backward Communities and Minorities, Shivamogga Dist.
03 Dept .of Minorities Welfare, Shivamogga IIB & IIIB
Department of Women and Child Welfare, Shivamogga
Students with Physical Disabilities
05 Department of Labor Welfare, Bangalore Students of Labor Workers
Department of Army Welfare and Rehabilitation, Shivamogga
Students of Defence
07 Sitharam Zindal Foundation, Bangalore Merit Students
City Municipality, Shivamogga
Economic Backward Students
09 Karnataka Development Board for Religious Minorities, Educational Loan Under the Plan Arivu, Bangalore Minorities
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